6th Grade Band

If you have any questions regarding Band at Memorial, please contact Mr. Laughlin (john.laughlin@k12.sd.us) or Mr. Conrad (robert.conrad@k12.sd.us).


*We are the LARGEST band program in the State!

*Band meets every other day during its own class period - no missing other classes to be in band!

*One lesson every week for 10 minutes

*Band is one of the few classes where you can hang out with students from other teams

*In addition to our regular class band, we also have a Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble

*We perform exciting and fun music at all our concerts

Recruitment Videos:



Oscar Howe


Band Room Virtual Tour

2019 Marching Band Video

More videos from students talking about band!


How often does band meet?

6th grade band is divided into 2 classes – Woodwinds and Brass (percussionists are divided equally between the 2 classes). Each class meets every other day – a total of 5 class periods every 2 weeks. Band is a class, and students are not pulled from other subjects to participate in class band.

Students also receive a weekly 10-minute band lesson in groups of 2 or 3. This time allows me to help students refine their skills and get to know them better as players and people. 6th grade teachers give input on the lesson schedule and we work together to find the best time for band students.

How many performances are there?

We have 2 evening performances during the school year – a Winter concert & Spring concert

What book do you use?

We continue the same book (Sound Innovations – Book 1) used in the 5th grade band so students will not need to purchase a new book in 6th grade. Book 2 of the same series is used in grade 7 and 8

Is Band Graded?

Yes. Students are graded based on Performing Music and Understanding Music. The Performing Music grade is determined through playing tests, lesson attendance, and concert participation. The Understanding Music grade is determined by various writing assignments given throughout each quarter. Students also receive Learning Behavior scores for Class Participation and Group Collaboration.

How often should students practice?

We encourage students to practice 2-3 times per week. Many students bring their instruments home over the weekend (for example, a student with band on Thursday will not need their instrument again until Monday the following week)

What do students need for class?

Students will need the following supplies for every band class:

*Band Instrument

*Method Book

*Any concert music currently being rehearsed

*A pencil

We used a school instrument last year, will we be able to continue using it?

Absolutely! In most cases, students will continue using the same instrument they used the previous year. There is a yearly usage fee of $70 that will be collected when the instruments are checked out at the beginning of the year. The usage fee is waived for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, and we are happy to work privately with anyone who has financial concerns.